October 5, 2007

The Blog Hop

So, I know we all do it. Jump from blog to blog to blog and back again. My question is, do ya'll mind? Because I don't really care one way of the other who reads mine. But I'm wondering if some of our fellow bloggers DO.

And sometimes I get on a role. You know what I mean, you recognize a name, then you click and lo and behold, you KNOW this person. Then you check out their links, and you know 3 more people, and on and on. . .So, being slightly newer to the blog system, is there an etiquette I should be aware of? Obviously, I am brazenly stalking some of my old friends and sending comments. But is there a definite line? Is there some rule that I should not send a comment? Or is it more based on, if I saw you in the grocery store, I'd totally give you a high five and so I feel that I'm allowed to talk.

Anyways, do you appreciate the willingness to just go ahead and say, "Hey, I knew you way back when, and even though it's been 12 years, what up?" or "Hey, I think you're so flippin funny/cute/awesome and I'm going to continue to read your blog. Alrighty?"

So, I know I've made up my mind. I will continue to shamelessly blog hop until I'm blue in the face. Who's with me?