November 12, 2014

November 11, 2014

My computer is being a jerk. SOMETIMES the power light on the front blinks orange and it tells me that my laptop is plugged in, not charging. THEN, a minute later, it IS charging. Obviously, this means that I need a new computer. *cue hysterical laughing*

Meanwhile, Daniel had a Veteran's Day performance today. He was excited about it, and very pleased with his self. I didn't get to go, but the rest of the family attended and they assured me he did a FANTASTIC job.

We also got the kids report cards. Everyone is doing well in all their classes. Thaddeus and Taylor have the same issues. They do their work so fast, that they make careless mistakes, and then, they distract the other students who are still working. I honestly don't know what say about that, because I tend to do the same thing. Daniel is plugging along, and he's really working with the speech therapist to get the R sounds down. The funniest report is Blayne's. At school (and church and around most people in general) she's really quiet and reserved. Not that she doesn't participate, but she doesn't volunteer to do anything, you know? Well. That is NOT the case of my dear, sweet Blayne at home. But all the comments from the teachers are "she's so QUIET", and I'm like, UH... NO.

Also, my Dad pointed out that I only had 9 phrases on my top ten list. #1 - my brain doesn't always work and #2 - instead of a phrase, let's say that my #10 go to "phrase" is actually a LOOK. A look that says, "Go ahead. Try that again. I DARE YOU." It could also be referred to as my death look. Because if I am looking at you like that, I'm gonna kill you.