June 12, 2013

School's almost out

I'm feeling better now. Not great, but definitely better.

My MRI showed "chronic multiple sclerosis related changes". I have no idea what that means.

I DID get an exciting package today. My tecfidera came, and I'm going to take my first dose tonight! I expect that I'll have some pretty awesome side effects for the next couple of weeks, but I'm mostly excited to not have to give myself shots. I was trying to explain to someone that it's not that taking shots hurts, it's that it gets old really fast, especially when you blow out an injection site, or you're bruised all over the place and you try to find the least bruised and sensitive spot to shoot up your meds. It just gets OLD. But I'll do it, because it makes a huge difference in how my body functions.

In non-my health blows related news, the kids get out of school this week. Tomorrow is their last day and then it's SUMMER.

We don't have many plans beyond typical summer activities. I think I'm going to try to go on one outing a week though... just to get out of the house and so we can get to know the area better.

We're also going to deep clean the house. I figure we can do one room/area a week, and then eventually all the baseboards and walls will be clean again. The baseboards in this house aren't angled at the top, so it's just a shelf to catch dirt and dust and crap and they bug me. THEY SHALL BE WIPED.

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  1. I hope your medication change works out! I am still dealing with injections but we may make a change soon. It is a pain trying to find a spot sometimes. Before I had my last MRI in March, my doctor asked me if anyone had ever told me how many lesions I had. No one had so he enlightened us. 70! On my previous MRI I had 70 lesions. HOLY COW!! Of course, knowing that made the 6 new ones they discovered on the new MRI not so alarming, especially since it had been 4 year since the previous one. Boy, MS is an adventure, isn't it? I'll bee watching to see how the adjustment to new drug goes.