November 16, 2012

Life as usual

I have so much homework to do this weekend it's a sin.

Plus, I just kicked all the kids out of my house, because they were being loud, and I can't think, plus I also want to put on my pajama's, and I'm not going to do that with non-family in the house.  I have some standards, people.

Meanwhile, I just realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK.  I should probably make a plan for that.

I think I'm going to make mini pies, because I like to have different flavors, but I don't like having whole pies left over. I feel like mini pies would fix that. Plus, then I could have a lemon meringue pie all to myself.

I also decided that I am only going to buy ONE yam, because every year, I buy more than one, and every year, I'm the only person who eats them. Last year, I finally convinced Thaddeus that candied yams were the most delicious part of Thanksgiving, but he's only one person.

I'm also going to get a smaller turkey. Plus, we need to eat all the freezer meals that I have, because soon, the turkeys are going to be el cheapo, and I will buy as many as fit in my freezer. I love having an extra freezer.

Next, I need to be annoyed about the stupid school fundraiser. I HATE THEM. There's a "fun run" on Monday, and we are supposed to pledge money for laps. Then, the school will get 10% of the proceeds. TEN. PERCENT. So if I pony up $100, my school only gets $10. I don't think so. The other 90% is going to cover the t-shirts that every one has already gotten. It's going to cover the server fees for the personal web pages that you stupidly gave to all of the children. Here's a plan, DON'T SET UP A WEB PAGE FOR A KINDERGARTENER. I swear, I get all angry about it, because the school has assemblies about this, and  then I have to be the big meanie that says NO. Shame on you, No-Fun Run.

And now it's dinner time, and it's Friday, and we're going OUT for pizza. Isn't that so exciting?


  1. I admire that you do so much! I am 'thankful' that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Ireland as Halloween, a fifth birthday party and Christmas are about all I can manage!

  2. I saw a mini-pie baker kit on a late nite infomercial ... it would be perfect for you.

    As for school, church, boy scout etc fund raisers ... totally bunk. I just give the kid a $10. I don't want wrapping paper, cookies, popcorn, girl scout cookies whatever, but you can keep all the cash. I remember my mom specifically telling me that I did not have to participate in any school fund raisers at all ever. One of her best parenting decisions of all time.

    And happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. And PS ... you should totally go for the handicaped placard for school parking....just do it.