August 19, 2010

I’m so excited

School-House with bus

…that school starts soon. (September 7th, holla!) As much as I love my children, they are of the age when their inquisitive little brains need way more stimulation than I am able to provide.


Camp-Rock-2 …that Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is almost here. Yes. I love the Jonas Brothers. Yes. I am almost 30.


boy girl restroom sign …that my kids will soon be separated into boy and girl rooms. AND WHAT’S MORE is that they will be on completely different floors in this house.


laundry pile

…that as soon as my boys are downstairs, that the number of trips hauling laundry up and down the stairs will dramatically decrease… because they will be on the same floor as the washing machine. My dreams, they are coming true.

autumn leaves with dew

…that fall is coming. Because you know, Halloween is my favorite time of the year. And also, SCHOOL.


white toilet

…that I *OFFICIALLY* am baby free. Oh yes, friends with young children, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. One day, EVERYONE WILL POOP IN THE TOILET, ON PURPOSE.   

what are you excited about


  1. What am I so excited about?
    Local newspaper is interviewing me about my blog. (i participated in a Blogapalooza event)

    And of course the kids going back to school..YAY! (Aug 3oth)

  2. I wish we had your school start date -- we go back this coming Wednesday and I am NOT excited.

    I am excited that I got both of my girls' bedrooms totally clutter-free and all trash/stash/other stuff thrown out.

  3. OMGoodness - I'm just excited that you are excited!
    But seriously - when the last of my kids finally started school, I was delirious.

  4. I'm excited for fall and Halloween too. I'm also excited for Thanksgiving. I'm going to brine a Turkey! And Christmas cards. I can't wait to pick out my Christmas cards!

  5. I am excited that my friend will be back in a week, yay!!

    Happy to know that you had a great time here in AZ seeing all the family that you could. I hope the adjustment to being back has gone smoothly. Love you guys!!!

  6. I'm excited that school starts on Monday! And that I have 8 new piano students starting next month (excited and nervous about time management).
    And that I get to babysit my baby niece all day today and get my baby fix.

  7. Ooh, Sher, that reminds me. I need to find a piano teacher for my kids!

  8. Thing1 went back to school today and the rest of the clan starts on Monday.

    Nanny nanny billy goat!

  9. I am excited about a lot of the same things, especially about everybody pooping in the toilet on purpose, Lol =) Great Post!!!

  10. I am excited for all my kids to be back in school too- it's been a disaster zone around here!

    I am excited to be finished (or mostly finished) with the basement project. We've just added 2 more bedrooms, a 3rd bath and finished the hallway. Each kid will have their own room now which, in theory, means they will have to be responsible for their own stuff! (in theory).

    I am excited for the part-time job I *may* be starting in a few weeks. Just a few hours per day while the kids are at school doing something I love. I sure hope it all works out- I am REALLY excited to use my brain again on a daily basis!