May 8, 2010

Super Fast

When Daniel turned four earlier this week, he requested a super fast green car on a circle cake.

We had an unfortunate incident in which the candles that were purchased specifically for his birthday went missing.... so we made do.

Luckily, Daniel the Four Year Old just didn't care, because hello, SUPER FAST GREEN CAR ON A CIRCLE CAKE!

He loved it and we blew out those candles FOUR times. (You have to re-light and sing for each year you've been alive, DIDN'T YOU KNOW?)

I love him.


  1. The face in that last picture? Best.Face.Ever!

    Happy Birthday, Daniel!

  2. haha - gotta love kids and their cakes. I love that you had a candle emergency right after a partylite shindig...

    just last week I posted about Homemaking 911 moments, this is exactly what you needed! (just for the candles - the cake was just what the boy wanted!)

  3. I love that idea about lighting the candle and singing for each year of your life!! Just wait til he's in his 90's!!

  4. I only know him through pictures but he looks like such a big boy. Maybe it's the haircut. He is darling.

  5. Don't you wish you could bottle up that energy and use it when you're dragging? That last picture! oh man. I miss my baby Danny.