April 3, 2010

Spring Break: Day Four, Five, and Six

My kids all have terrible ear infections.

Days are running into each other, and I haven't slept through the night in, well, I don't know how long.

Just when I think we're making some sort of progress,

I get slapped in the face with reality.

And the reality right this second, is motrin and tylenol piggybacked every three hours, antibiotics twice a day for all four, and lots of crying and whining.

The good thing is since I was already at the doctor, we got to discuss Blayne's bowels in great detail, and she now has an appointment at the Children's National Medical Center.

It's a charmed life I lead.


  1. Oh no I will pray for your kids to get better that is just heart breaking to hear.

  2. Ugh, what a drag. I'm so sorry.

    I hope the Easter Bunny brings you something special too.

  3. Yeah..."charmed" was the word that came to mind...

    I am so, so, sorry...

  4. Sending lots of energy your way! Hope everyone gets better soon.

  5. Yes, I get this. My husband has had a stomach bug for a few days and yesterday I came down with a wicked sore throat & now laryngitis.

    Only plus here is that I can't yell at the kids. I have to whisper.

    Get well soon & happy Easter to you, girl! (mine may just be more crappy than happy, I fear...)

  6. Ugh, I'm so sorry. Josh (the baby) has an ear infection right now - his NINTH. (He's getting tubes in his ears.) He's been screaming and feverish and throwing up.

    But I can't imagine having ALL OF THEM sick. You poor thing. The Easter Bunny better bring a trip to Jamaica.

  7. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I am sorry your children are all sick. That sounds just miserable. I just started following your blog and I love it! I don't know you, just came across your famous blog somehow!

    I must ask a question about your daughter's bowel situation. Well, suffice it to say that I think I really need a doctor who will talk to me in depth about my son's bowels the way the doctor did with you and an appointment at the same place you are going to. Otherwise I might lose my mind. I should have done more about this problem a long time ago. I did seek out help but was not helped.

    Any information you can offer me would be most appreciated.


  8. Please please share if you will information on help with children's bowels because I've been in desparate need to help my son for a long time in that regard and don't know what to do. I've sought out help for him, but haven't been helped. And I might lose my mind soon, if you know what I mean.

    Sorry your kids are sick.

    Your blog is wonderful.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  9. Sorry for the repeat. Apparently I don't know how to post comments. So make fun of me! 87th ammendment.

  10. I love repeat comments. I also love talking about poo.

    I'll email you. ;)