April 29, 2010

So when they say "Do Not Use On Face" they're actually telling the truth.... I KNOW.

So the other day, I was staring at myself in the mirror debating whether I should tweeze my eyebrows, or let them grow out into a new shape. (These are the decisions that make the world go round)

And while I was gazing into the depths of my soul, I realized that I could really use a facial.

So I started rummaging through my bathroom cupboards, because I ALWAYS have at least one type of face mask on hand.

EXCEPT of course, for today. Because I needed it. And that's the way my world works. (It's just as lousy as it sounds)

As I was sitting there, my eyes became fixated on a certain hair removal product....

And as I stared at this lovely depilatory cream, I thought to my self, "Well, if it will disintegrate hair follicles, it will probably disintegrate the crap in my pores..."

So I put it on my face.

(You know, in the T-Zone.)

The first minutes was good.

Minute two was a little more uncomfortable.

Minute three moved from discomfort to actual burning,

And minute four was when I finally rinsed the stuff off my face.

Now, while this may sound stupid to some most of you, I am rather proud of myself because: 

1. My pores are clear.
2. My skin is tight.

In fact, I'd say it was the equivalent to a chemical peel.. you know, but cheaper, over the counter and kinda rogue.

Totally doing it again.


  1. You will do it again? Don't get it on your eyelashes!

  2. i did it once on my peach fuzz..lol
    below my nose and on the side of my
    i had a red face for days.. looked like a sunburn.

    after that i decided to try wax..
    wax was totally worth it..

  3. only you my love. :)

  4. Anonymous2:15 PM

    HA! i am actually tempted to use it on my t-zone now......

  5. I can't decide if that was insane or brilliant.

    ...and I am also wondering if I should try it on my fine lines and wrinkles...

  6. LOL!!!! After reading the post and the comments all I can say is LOL not wait ROFL!!! This is great stuff!!! The things others come up with that I can--no wait-- others can try. lol


  8. buwahahahahahahah~~~ I adore this! I put hair remover on my sideburn things. . . hahahahaha!!

  9. So I am totally going to try it because I need a chemical peel and totally can't afford it! Can't wait for the CBC! See you there

  10. I think you must be under a lot of stress. Why else would you think putting Veet on your T-zone would be a good idea? I love your blog. I do. But this is funny and way too crazy all at the same time.