March 24, 2010

Pick Your Poison

We got the bikes out, and now we're in the process of assembling our full line-up of spring time toys. (Oh, you want me to post about that, I WILL.... later.)

Meanwhile, I sorta have this amazing opportunity to review some products. I'm just in the process of deciding what I want to pick, because as you all know, I'm in a (relatively) new house and am in the throes of re-decorating, and I really, really NEED stuff. Like, maybe a TV stand, or a chandelier, or a bookcase. (A girl can never have too many bookcases.)

So, you know, whenever I decide which direction I want to move in, I WILL LET YOU KNOW.

While you think about that, and please, leave me a suggestion of which direction you think I should take, I need to talk about the glorious spring bugs that are invading my home.

Specifically, the ants.

These darling little buggers are coming out of the rich, warm earth to visit the wondrous Bingham household. I have been spraying in and outside, to no avail. I can't figure out where exactly they're coming from, and in the middle of the night, I can't sleep because WHAT IF THEY LIVE IN MY WALLS.

Of course, this type of thinking generally gets pooh-poohed by DadGuy because he firmly believes that I'm crazy.


Pffht. And I'm the crazy one.


  1. Aggghhh...ants are the worst!!

    I would totally go for a bookcase. I know I need one bad!

  2. Get instant grits at the store and just put them in little piles where you see them congregating, inside or outside. They pick it up, take it back to the hive/nest/whatever and then they all eat it and well....let's just say that hopefully they enjoy their last meal. It's completely non-toxic to children and pets so you don't have to worry about that. Unless someone in your family happens to be allergic to grits. Then there's not really anything I can do for you. Sounds a little crazy, but I've done it for years (in the Spring) and it pretty much takes care of the problem for the year. Good luck!

  3. Lady of Perpetual Chaos is genius! What a great idea!

    I think a beautiful chandelier is what you should choose. It will be like a fun new piece of jewelry for your house.


    I love it!

  5. If you aren't worried about your kids getting them, go get those little ant traps. They climb in, get the food and take it back to the rest of the gang in their nest. Kills them all!

  6. Wow finally a reason to buy grits! Great idea.

  7. What kind of ants? Teeny little ones or bigger? If it's the little ones, let me know and I'll tell you how we got rid of them without using chemicals.

  8. Bookcases! I agree that there can never be enough bookcases. Although, if you get a free product to review, I might go for the chandelier because if you must purchase something yourself, it'd be more cost effective to do the bookcase. (This is an assumption as I have never priced a chandelier).

    Cinnamon is awesome for getting rid of ants.

    Tell your husband to read The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman. Maybe then he'll believe you.

  9. I worked with CSN for a giveaway. I desperately wanted a chandelier! They are so pretty! But really, where would I put it?

  10. We had to break down and get an's no fun to have to pay but it ended up worth it.

    I am in LOVE with that bookcase.

  11. When we moved to Northern VA everybody in our neighborhood told us we just HAD to hire an exterminator immediately. We did for two years until we decided that a case of Raid was cheaper and would probably work just as well. So now, for four years running, we live with Raid. After each big rain or so we spray around the baseboards inside around the dining room, kitchen, and family room. Then I go outside and spray around the windows and ground and at all the thresh holds. And we haven't seen more than one or two ants since. Good luck!