March 9, 2010


Daniel has taken a turn for the worse.

In the last two weeks, he's transformed from a happy silly three year old boy,

To an easily upset, aggressive kid.

I know it's part of the magical stage he's in.

My other kids all went through it.

It just stinks that one little person requires so much parenting.

And it's not even the FUN parenting stuff,

(like going to Ikea and seeing if the furniture really IS child proof)

It's the crappy part where I rule with an iron fist because I flat out REFUSE to have a three year who thinks it's okay to treat people like dirt.

Of course, I could just let him be a spoiled brat,

But somehow, I think that will just come back to haunt me later.

To Parenting! Cheers! 

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  1. Glad it's not just my kids. I hate feeling like I rule with an iron fist, but I worry that if I don't my older twins will take over the house and all will be lost. Some days I think like you and wonder if maybe it would just be better to let them be spoiled brats, it seems a lot easier to just give in at the moment. But I usually don't cause I don't want brats. I have hope for a brighter future :)

    Good luck with your blogger conference. Wish I could come. Ryan is going to be gone, so I will the be one at home alone, taking care of everyone. Wish it were in reverse.

  2. Sorry, I guess I was signed into the wrong account. It's me, Kathryn.

  3. Good luck to your sanity until he grows out of it. Unfortunately we have one that was born that way and will most likely die that way and will under no amount of parenting/punishing/rewarding/professional counseling ever realize that other people aren't just dirt under his heel. So yeah, here's to parental sanity! (Mine left quite awhile ago....)

  4. I have one that was born ornery. ORNERY! She is adorable, but a big ole grumpy pants.

    If you find the magic cure, then please bottle it and send it my way.

  5. It's rough, I think we were pretty firm with our kids, but here it has payed off, now they are fairly respectful, great teens. And some of those kids with the lenient parents are not doing too well.
    My opinion- it's easier to train them when they are six than contain them when they are sixteen.

  6. Well... he might be going through a stage, but that kid is always gonna be cute.

  7. Let's get our kids together. Jack (my 2.5 year old) is a mirror image of your son. The gypsies won't even buy him.

  8. I went ahead and added to your self worth :) Also, you're so good at short but entertaining posts. I need to learn from you.

  9. I agree...sometimes it's just no fun.

    You keep on keepin' on. You are doing the right thing.

  10. And do you know what if even better than a 3 year old? Your teenager offering you parenting advice on the 3 year old. Yea, that's fun.

  11. 3 and a 1/2 is the WORST AGE EVER. I've had 4 of them and I've decided I'm completely right on this one.

    I think they magically transform into angels at 4, so you'll cry when they head to kindergarten.

    And there's a little somethin-somethin in the mail for you. Look for it mid next week!