March 3, 2010

Breathing is Overrated

That was really pompous of me to announce that I posted two days in a row.

Because then irony came and knocked me out with a head cold/sinus infection.

(I say SLASH sinus infection because while I haven't actually been to the doctor, my snot is green. I mean, AS IF THAT'S NOT A KEY INDICATOR.)

Of course, it could just be the whole changing of the seasons.

I hate the changing of the seasons because it means that I'm going to feel like death warmed over for approximately 6 weeks.


Every. Frickin. Time.

Because I have allergies.

And allergies seriously hinder my ability to breathe through my nose and hear for a good part of the year.

(Why yes, I am partially deaf.... KIDDING! It's ALLERGIES! *jazz hands*)

The only upside to the situation is that I'm not actually  sick.

I think.

You know, I still have that green snot thing.

But since that's gross and possibly too much personal information, I'm going to end on a happy note called:


Isn't she cute AND healthy looking? I'm totally jealous.

P.S. I have a giveaway coming up. that be-eth all. 


  1. Allergies really do stink. I'm glad I don't get them as bad as you!

  2. sorry your are sick/not sick lol Taylor looks happy though that is a plus!

  3. Go get the Barenaked Ladies singing the song "Allergies" on their kids album, Snacktime.

    It rocks. (The whole album rocks. My kids love it, and I don't mind listening to it, either. This is important to me for reasons of sanity.)

    Feel better.

  4. I'm sick too! And it's because my prescription for my allergy med ran out and I'm too lazy/tired to pick up a refill. *sigh*

    Great ending though. Taylor's my favy. :)

  5. She sure looks like you!

  6. So sorry to hear you're sick! I get sinus infections a lot...they're the devil!

  7. Karen! How many times do I have to tell you, YOU CANNOT PICK FAVORITES.

    Also, I turned word verification on? man alive, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME?

  8. Your daughter is cute.
    sorry to hear you are suffering from allergies. Allergies BITE.
    what's up with the word verification?
    LOL. Its okay. I won't SPAM you. I promise.

  9. No, Taylor is not cute.

    She is super duper seriously adorably cute.

  10. Take Zyrtec D for 10 days and then live on zyrtec all year long. Then call me in the morning. hehehe

    guess walking tonight is not in since you know, you can't breath and all.

    feel better

  11. Have you tried doing nasal rinses? Kyle would get sick for MONTHS every year and he thought it was allergies(you know, because that's what the doctors said it was) and then we actually got him tested and he's allergic to NOTHING haha but he has something else(if I had the brain power I could tell you what but, alas, I do not). So he does these nasal rinses now and he hasn't been sick once. It's like a miracle.

  12. that little girl looks like YOU!

  13. That is such a cute picture of your darling, and totally healthy, Taylor.

    I'm so sorry...feeling like death warmed over is the pits.

    You make me laugh...*jazz hands* I love it.