March 13, 2010

American Cowboys

Thaddeus has been wearing this get up since Friday.

You see, Friday was "cultural awareness" or something at his school.

On Thursday night, Thaddeus asked me, "Mom, what's my CULTURE?"

I said, "American."

To which he said, "Oh. You mean like a cowboy?"

I promptly agreed, "Yes, like an AMERICAN cowboy."

Thaddeus then proceeded to go into planning mode because he was going to be the best American cowboy ever! I dismissed his ideas because never in a million years did I consider that he was actually supposed to wear a costume to school. I mean, if you're not allowed to wear a costume on Halloween, why would you be allowed to wear one on Friday?

Of course, this was completely MY misunderstanding because Friday morning rolled around and Thaddeus took a flier out of his backpack encouraging students to wear CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE costumes.

I went into emergency costume mode and stitched up that vest real quick.

Then we hurried to the dollar store for a cowboy hat, because a certain someone couldn't be a proper cowboy without a hat... Unfortunately, the dollar store only had sombrero's, so we headed over to where I was SURE we could find a hat.... Party City.

Now, during Halloween season, cowboy hats can be purchased for ONE dollar.

However, it is not Halloween season.

And cowboy hats were $6.99.

And we had to get four because heaven forbid only one somebody get one something.

Four cowboy hats later, we moseyed on in to the school.

When the secretary asked why we were late, I said because we had to find a cowboy hat.

She started laughing.

When Thaddeus got home from school, I asked him what the other kids were wearing. After all, he goes to school with children from from Russia, Jamaica, Africa, Korea, and Mexico... and those are just the kids in his class.

He was the only one that wore a costume.

"I was the most Amercanist one there!"

And quite possibly the cutest one too.


  1. He looks like a real, rooting, tooting cowboy to me.

  2. My kids dressed up as Mario, Luigi and Toad for Halloween -- overalls, mustaches, white gloves, the whole get-up. All it takes is for one kid to find one glove shoved under some piece of furniture, and they are off into Mario-world for the better part of a day. I gotta love kids that embrace a completely new persona based on a hat. Today they used my scarves as (leopard print) (impressionist flowers) (hand-dyed ombre silk) pirate hats. Ahhh, imagination.

  3. Please tell me that the boy has some chaps too, because that would totally make his outfit. :-)

  4. cute story about your little Cowboy!

  5. Great job on that vest!

    You make me smile...I love the fact that you, "moseyed on in to the school."

    They should have given you a discount since you had to buy 4 hats.

  6. Oh, the grin on that little cowboy's face is so adorable! My heart is melting and he isn't even my kid.