February 7, 2010

House Bound

My whole street is snowed in.

The rest of my neighborhood? Free as birds.


Because my genius neighbor decided to dig his car out and throw all the snow in the middle of the road. Then the neighbors on either side of him ALSO decided that this was a good idea.

It was not a good idea.

There is now so much snow in the middle of the street that the snow plows can't get through.


That's a lot of snow.

So, THANK YOU, you three idiots. I will be sending my house-bound children over to play soccer inside of your house. I also will need a ride to somewhere. I can't think of any place I need to go at the moment, but I figure, you owe me. At the very least, I should get to take your car and just drive around the block a couple of times so that I can pretend I'm not stuck.

watching the neighbors dig themselves out, while blocking us in.

And also? Isn't this the cutest little girl you ever did see?

Thought so.


  1. It is totally illegal here to put your snow in the road. Major fine.

    Hope that you get dug out soon! I hate being house bound because of the snow (and I am a lot).

  2. I loathe snow. And stupid neighbors. I suggest drug induced naps.....but you'll have to find something to do with your kids while you sleep.

  3. Oh, that stinks. I think sending the kids over to play soccer is the perfect idea.

    I like the picture of them looking out the window.

  4. Now that looks like a snow storm. Glad you are blogging, cause that means power, yes? That much snow just makes me want to cry. I could never live where Lara lives.

  5. You make me laugh so hard!!! I'll come help you toilet paper your smart neighbors (:

  6. Wow, can we say idiots? With no regard whatsoever for others? I am so ready for the snow to go!
    PS Love the pics!

  7. Nothing's changed C, I still love you!

  8. Have I ever mentioned that I hate snow?

    I think your neighbors need a nice plate of chocolate chip cookies. (made with chocolate ex-lax)

  9. Caroline, two neighbors did something similar..both shoveled to the middle of the road. We had to go and reshovel their stuff.

    Sorry that happened to you on such a large scale!

    The one neighbor especially annoyed me as he was so proud that his car was good to go but yet oblivious that he had now made a mini-mountain of snow for me and another neighbor.

    Your daughter looked very cute w/that huge shovel!! Juanita

  10. maybe it's a Virginia thing because our neighbors did it too, including digging out the car they don't use. Stupid people!