January 21, 2010

passing the buck

You know, I don't really have anything much to say these days.

I completely and totally blame Motherboard 100%.

You see, it's her fault, because she keeps calling me on the phone and I have actual grown up conversation.

I never used to have actual grown up conversation.

And now my blog is drowning.

And it's all her fault.

{angry sideways glance}

I mean, who ever would have guessed that talking to a real, live person would hinder my rambling abilities.

I even thought to myself, well, at least you can tell a story about funny search terms that people use and end up here on.


They're Not. Even. Funny.

It's a sad sad day when not even the google search terms can make you laugh.

I promise to not answer the phone tomorrow. m'kay?


  1. I've learned that some days are just funnier than others. It's sad, I know.

  2. That's cause you guys ROCK! You are planning something WONDERFUL for all of us bloggers! You guys are DA BOMB!

  3. Whatev. You called ME today. Twice.

    It's all good. I'll listen to you breathe while you work on the computer ANY DAY.

  4. Motherboard, that just sounds SO SO WRONG.

    {heavy breathing}

  5. The two of you are hilarious.

    I am very happy for you that you have had actual, adult conversation.

    I have an idea, you could tell us what you talked about!

    Okay, never mind...I'm just nosy...

  6. Okay. Fine. I WON'T call you today.

    (Which, actually, I probably wouldn't be able to anyway. I need a land line. Pronto. Sigh.)

  7. Lauren! It's no secret.

    We were talking about our FANTABULOUS BLOGGING CONFERENCE that is coming up.

  8. You know, I probably shouldn't tell you this...but I clicked subscribe on Motherboard's blog and it subscribed me to yours. Are you sure you're not the same person? Which means you would be talking to yourself on the phone? It is very confusing, let me tell you. I thought about subscribing to yours and seeing if that subscribed me to hers....haven't tried yet though. Glad I found your blog anyway.

  9. Laughing at this one, til my sides hurt:-)