October 15, 2009

Buses and Bullies

I AM sick. I feel like saying, "Ha! Take that!" because I just love being right about things like this except for that whole part where I feel like death is slowly creeping up on me.

In other even less exciting news, my computer decided to play dead again. Obviously, he hates me. (Yes, my computer is a he. He's also a scorpio.) In fact, I only have computer access right now because I begged DadGuy to please bring his laptop home because I haven't emailed or tweeted or blogged in 2 days and everyone will think I've died... okay, maybe not everyone, but my mom would call me. So would Heather. And if nothing else I at least have to tell them that I'm not dead, just cut off from the wonderful world of make believe that is my online life.

*I'm also not sure that anything I say at this time is coherent, but I'm also drugged enough to not really care.*

Yes, the only REAL ACTUAL thing that has happened of late is that Thaddeus was some kids punching bag on the school bus this afternoon.

Yep, you read that right.

A "big kid" punched and slapped my kindergartener today, and I kid you not, he had welts on his face when he got home.

And me, horrible mother that I am, didn't notice until we had crossed the street and the bus was driving away to its next stop.

I interoggated Tad when we got home and out of the rain, and I guess that this kid had gotten in trouble, so they made him switch seats and sat him next to Tad. He didn't like it, got mad, and took it out on my son. I asked Tad what the bus helper was doing and he said she was "just busy."

Folks, HELL is being raised.


  1. Oh my goodness..
    My heart just sank to my chest..
    Hugs to your little man..
    and raise that hell tomorrow..

    **I am still sitting here going WTH? how does that happen? ugh.

  2. I mean a kindergartner? That's not fair at all. Give your son an extra hug tonight. AND get better soon, ok?

  3. Oh no, I feel sick about this too. Poor little guy.

    Something similar to this happened to Ellie a couple of years ago. I foolishly thought I could work it out with the brat's mother, so I called her. What a waste of time.

    Here's what I suggest:

    Take photos of Tad's face in the morning. As evidence.

    You and DadGuy should both be at the bus stop in the morning. The two of you should have a serious talk with the bus driver right then and there. Find out the bully's name if you don't already know it.

    Whether or not Tad rides the bus tomorrow is up to you.

    Next step, call the school and talk with the principal. A meeting would be good. A meeting with the principal, the bus driver, AND the bully's parents would be excellent, but different schools have different policies about how to handle these things.

    Good luck!

  4. Oh dude. You raise hell. And then you raise some more, and then you call me and will come over and raise even MORE. My Mamma bear is all riled up and I don't even know you in person. And yet, I would totally whoop some big bully behind for your Tad. I would.

  5. What?!? What kind of bully hits a kindergartner? REALLY!

    A few years ago, my entire family went to play in the river. My brothers and my husband and I were moving rocks around to make a deeper channel through which we could ride our innertubes. I stuck my hand under a big rock to roll it over and get some leverage, and then my other hand slipped and the rock crashed down on my finger. It made me cry! I was totally sure I had broken it, and my husband just laughed at me and told me to suck it up.

    I went home with a finger swollen like a link sausage. 3 days later, it still hurt, it was still swollen, and it was turning colors. I went to the doctor and had an x-ray. Guess what? It WAS broken! I have still never felt so vindicated.

    So. I'm not glad you're sick. But sometimes it's nice to be right, isn't it?

  6. oh man. that is NOT cool... What's the point of getting paid to be a helper on the bus when you don't see what's going on? And seriously- sitting a defiant "big kid" with a kindergartener? Really? smooth move and good thinking bus people.

  7. I will help you raise hell!!!

  8. Oh no he di'nt! Hell needs to be raised. Hugs to Thaddeus.

  9. Ohhhhhh, poor Tad. I know you are on it. You mess with the bull you get the horns, ya know what I'm sayin'...

    Well, a bull is male but you know what I mean...I know you are a caring momma bear...so I'll change it. You mess with the cubs you get the fury of the momma bear.

    Sorry you are sick. I am glad you posted because I thought, "oh, man...I hope it isn't swine flu. It is going around like crazy down here.

  10. Get this yesterday I had the neighbor 8 yr old twin girls over to play w/ Kimber & apparently they pinched Colter like 20 times all over. How do I know this cuz they accidentally pinched me but they were being all sneaky about it & the whole time I thought the baby was sick or something. I happened to look at one of the girls after I was pinched & she mouthed to her sister "that was the mom". I was mortified & was crying after I kicked them out. That was the first time they've been over too & they kept saying "what's the matter with him...I hope he feels better". There were little pinch marks all over his body!!!
    So good luck with your hell raising I have one to do myself with little evil red haired twins.

  11. Man, these bullies make my blood boil. Second day of K and my son tells me a bully pushed him off the monkey bars and called him a baby. And a month later, the bully is still at large. Good luck!

  12. Would be it be totally out of line to stalk the bully boy on the playground and then have a little "talk" with him that scares him so bad that he pees his pants?

    I guess that does sound a little psychotic now that I think about it.

    Whatever it comes to, I hope this is the last time it's an issue for you guys. And feel better.

  13. So sometimes my husband has to remind me that it's not ok to beat and/or scream at other people's children (or the parents and/or teachers/bus aids/ect.) - because clearly I would have wanted to do just that, right then. After chasing the bus down, of course. I can't believe a "responsible" adult would have used the same seat your son was sitting in to punish another child, and then let that child even touch (or rudely look at) another kid - let alone a Kindergartner. I hope all demons responsible get scorched in your hell raising.