June 8, 2009

Did I Stutter?

Thaddeus' language skills are phenomenal. His vocabulary is massive, and his understanding is just as large. and yet....

He gets stuck. He starts talking so quickly, and the words are flying out of his mouth, but he just gets stuck, not on the first part of the word, but rather, the end*.

"And then I took the car-ar-ar-ar-ar and I put it at the top-op-op-op of the ramp and then it flew down! It was so-o-o-o-o fast!"

I've become more concerned about this lately because it's been happening more often. I tried to research a few things, but they all say stuttering is when you get stuck on the first part of the word, not the last.

So I'm left wondering, is this a form of stuttering?

Or should I just chalk this one up to crazy busy boy syndrome?

*like Rihanna's umbrella song.


  1. Crazy boy syndrome I think. I still stutter over any part of a word because my brain thinks it faster than I can say it. I just have to remember to breathe and apeak slowly. Which is hard when you are 5 and excited about something.

  2. Hi MomBabe, How old is your little man? Its ok for him to stutter and you don't need to worry about it until its like 6 months or longer. The only thing is, you don't want to bring attention to it. Just be patient and wait for him to finish his sentence... there are lots of kinds of stuttering, so if you're really worried, you can take him to see a speech-language pathologist. hayngrl(SLP)

  3. Emma just started doing this too. I'm kerflummoxed.

  4. Oh my gosh, Hannah does this, too!! Through her example, Victoria now does it. I call it stuttering, just because I need a name for it. I don't know if it really is.

    It's really hard to be patient with it. I've started to hold my hands out when she does it too much, just trying to get her to slow down. Because I seriously can't understand her sometimes because of it!

    I've also wondered what to do, so I'll definitely be following the comments!

  5. Thing 2 (who is MY boy) did the exact same thing! I would tell him "Slow down, buddy, and try again."

    I think his brain was just working faster than his little mouth could keep up.

    He eventually grew out of it.


  6. My son did this for awhile at age three and a half. His speech pathologist told us it is a phase that some children go through as they are learning to process new language skills. Examples include: new vocabulary, putting sentences together or trying to be conversational.
    My son's phase lasted about 2 months and he hasn't done it since.
    I wouldn't worry unless it lasts longer than 6months. Trust me, there will be other "phases" to worry about.