April 11, 2009

Well that's just great

I totally spaced out on Easter. Which is to say, I KNEW it was coming. I just haven't had a chance to do anything about it. And now, it's almost 9 on Easter Eve, and I've just finished cleaning up the latest bits of vomit, put people back into bed for the 900th time, and went to the garage to get the Easter baskets when the realization that I LEFT THE EASTER BASKETS IN ARIZONA came to me.

So now I wait for DadGuy to come home from work, so I can go to the nearest grocery store and hope to all goodness that they have something decent left.

In other terrible things, my couch is officially broken. This morning it was just shabby and broken in. NOW it's just broken... I mean, as long as you sit on the left side, it's FINE. But the right side has died. sigh.

Happy Easter everyone.

P.S. And we can't debut our totally cute matching Easter church outfits. LAME.


  1. Kids are easy to please...I am sure the local grocery store will have many fine treasures.

    Here's hoping that the Easter Bunny brings a new couch...sorry yours is broken...mine needs to be fumigated...or shot and put out of its misery.

    Sorry about the vomit, too.

  2. Please tell me you were going to wear white patent shoes, lacy socks, gloves, and a hat!! You would look adorable! And there's always next Sunday!

  3. My girls are wearing the same dresses they wore last year for Easter. They still fit. They're still cute. Works for me.

  4. I boycotted the Easter attire. I'm keeping my fingers crossed my kids won't notice.

  5. Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

    and I bet you will have the best Easter with your grocery store finds..

  6. My kids won't even get anything for Easter this year. They are both well into and almost out of their teens, but dangit, I wanted the chocolate.

    You'll come up with something great, I'm sure.

    Happy Easter!

  7. Mybe the Easter bunny will bring you a new couch???? Cannot help to hope!!!!

    Hope things get better.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    HEY! I have the first ever give away on my blog - hope you enter to win!

  8. Thanks for the reminder that I should be doing something for Easter. Hmm. I wonder if ice cream is good enough. I bought some of that yesterday...

  9. I don't do the "traditional" Easter crap. Took the kids to the dollar store yesterday, let them pick out a bunch of junk they wanted to play with and then told them they couldn't have it till today.

    The last time I bought a new outfit for Easter was when my daughter was 2 years old - 19 years ago.

    Liberating I tell you. Absolutely liberating!

    Sorry about the vomit and the couch. Things can only go up from here on out, no?

  10. Not being able to debut the matching Easter outfits--ouch! So sorry!

  11. Sorry about the vomit, couch, and Easter basket issue. But we did miss you and your family at church today.