April 8, 2009

Well, I'm back home with all the shortlings and my oh my is it ever nice. I really do like us to be together all the time. Taylor's back into the swing of things and is acting nicely again. It's taking me a little longer to adjust. DadGuy held down the fort pretty well... okay, amazingly well. The house was spotless when I got home. Still, I don't think he'll be asking to trade places with me anytime soon.

The funeral was beautiful. People sent the most amazing flowers, and cards, and food... Oh. My. Life. The food! There was definitely an overabundance of cakes and pies and sweet things. I even wrote down in my notebook that next time someone dies, take the family something hot and spicy, because they'll have HAD it with the sugar.

I also made a goal to take lots of pictures. I debated about taking pictures almost the whole time. Then I decided that eventually, people would be grateful that I had the audacity to take pictures and that anyone who disagreed could just get over it. Now, if I had remembered to say, CLEAN MY LENS, the pictures would have been much better. Instead, they're all blurry on the sides. Oh well.

And would you believe that I don't know how to end this without getting all awkward and stuff? No really, I've tried. So instead, I leave you with this....

M. Grant Christensen

Grant's Girls
Marilyn, Janice, Karen, Aenone (his wife), Kathy, Berit


  1. Welcome back. I've missed hearing from you.

    Those are some seriously gorgeous flowers on the casket.

  2. I like the pictures like that! They looked all antique-y and stuff.

  3. I think the pictures look lovely - the blurred edges add a little something. And your family will definitely be glad of them, I think. Welcome home.

  4. Welcome Back!
    I love that photo! It's awesome!

  5. Welcome back. I am glad you are home safe and sound and with your wonderful husband and kiddos.

    I love the pictures you have posted. The fact that the lens was dirty didn't detract from the picture at all. I thought you did some sort of special effect when I first looked at them.