April 24, 2009

On Matching Clothes....

Today we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Every. Stinking. One. of my children wore yellow.

It's true.

It's not because I think it's darling. (Even though it is)

It's because when I take my kids out, it's hard to keep track of them.


The whole time we are out, I am constantly counting my children.

One, two, three, four. One two three four. One two three four. One, Two, Three..... crap.

It's so much easier for me to spot them in BRIGHT YELLOW SHIRT'S among the sea of blue jeans and grayish tees.

Especially when you consider that it was Friday and every school within a 50 mile radius of the aquarium was on a field trip today.

So to all the people who said, "Oh my gosh! That's so cute! Did you do it on purpose?"


Yes I did.


  1. And the aquarium is particularly tough to visit since it's so dark. You were smart to go with bright yellow.

  2. I absolutely understand your logic, given that I regularly have to count 24 Brownies in matching yellow.

    As for my kids, they have Thing One and Thing Two t-shirts that they rarely wear but when they do, they wear them together and always get great comments.

  3. :) I remember you telling me this. I think last time the magic color was orange?

  4. Very wise.

    I love how you make your little stick figure people to demonstrate your points.

  5. Matching shirts is a must. I tried red and blue once, they didn't work. At all. They just blended in with other groups. We settled on lime green and bright orange for our family's matching. Haha. Bright colors work the best. :)

  6. When we went to the beach when I was a kid, my mom tied big pink ribbons to our swimsuit straps so she could spot us from the shoreline.

    Next time I think you should try glow-in-the dark shirts. Your kids would be so cool!

  7. Hilarious.

    At least you don't do it just because it's cute. Who has time for cute with four children? For safety reasons? Well, that's just SMART!

  8. I never have the foresight to dress the kids in bright matching colors. Gold lame, I think, would be the way to go. Glamorous.