March 5, 2009

Gift Guide


I need suggestions.

You see, my anniversary is coming up. And I kinda want to do something, but I have a slight drawback.


But I still want to get him something. I mean, I guess it's sorta a big deal. (Okay, not really. Only seven years. BUT STILL)

So I did a little "research", and came across the Anniversary Gift Guide for your 7th year. This year the theme is copper or wool. It seems that no one can decide for sure.

Does it count if I buy new copper bottomed pans? I mean, they're for me, obviously. But he'd get to eat the food that came out of them.

Of course, copper pans would require I spend money, and, as I mentioned before, CHEAPO IN THE BUILDING.

Sweaters are out because, ugh, well. THEY JUST ARE. I mean, if he gave me a sweater for an anniversary gift, I might have to die. Especially because when it comes to things like getting dressed, we have very different ideas about what the other one should wear.

Of course, I do have the option of completely ignoring my anniversary. I mean, I wouldn't want to break the streak.


  1. I vote you give him a Sheep. That would cover the wool. And it's a gift that keeps on giving. :)

  2. Seriously, I don't know what to tell you. My guy is easy. He just likes to go out to dinner with me and he's good. So I would suggest a dinner date.

    Or socks. Wool socks.

  3. okay wool for sure...cooper?? that is tough...

    if you don't find something let me know...I can help you write your love story and publish it in hardbound's a winner EVERY TIME! and because i love you and your blog so much it'll cost you like... NoThInG! :O)

  4. How about a Love Fern? You watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, right?

    Fill the vase with things you love about him on scraps of blue paper. Add fake foliage. Because your love will NEVER DIE.

    Or get tickets to March Madness, either or.

  5. I like the sheep idea...haha no but seriously get a stuffed sheep and attach a note and say "I love ewe" is that to gay? Oh and some pennies for the copper.

  6. they have slippers that look like baby lambs (sheep) at bed bath and beyond. also little stuffed sheep there. and i do like the penny suggestion. you could give him like $7.00 in copper AND the state quarters have a copper insert in them. the important thing is to remember

  7. juanita11:40 PM

    ~ make a card w/pennies. Use pennies to write "I Love You" (tape them to the card,etc)

    ~ find a penny that represents each y ear you've been married, ie ie a penny from 2003, 2004, etc..thru 2009. tape the penny on a card and then beside it write your favorite memory w/your husband from that year. (idea borrowed from a get to know you Enrichment activity awhile ago)

    ~at the craft store, there should be some kind of copper craft kit (thin type), you could get this and write a message on that.

    Good luck, Happy Anniversary!

  8. There are some pretty darn cute wool coats out there. You wear coats, right? OR you could just go with a wool scarf b/c it's cheap and you don't really have to wear it at all.

  9. We almost never celebrate our anniversary, so I'm not the best person for suggestions. How about fixing him a nice dinner after the kidlets are in bed? Don't worry about the wool/copper thing.

  10. I was going to say pennies. But are pennies even made out of copper anymore? There's nothing lower on the totem-pole than a FAKE cheap gift. That would be bad.

  11. I think you should fly your super fabulous sis-in-law,her super spotted hubby, and their super loud kid out there for free babysitting and take Dadguy on a trip.
    ACTUALLY I should give you a heads up...Caleb's Bro and his fam are going thru the D.C. temple sometime soon and we will be trying our darndest to fly out then...Got some extra couches?

  12. Becky told me about something se read in the ensign last month (of course I wouldn't have read it myself). I think I'm going to do it for our anniversary...anyway, you get a journal or notebook or something and write a note to your spouse. I think for the purpose of giving the gift, you write the one note and give the book. Then, when you're having a moment where you especially love, appreciate, have a positive feeling of any kind about him, you write it in the book. Then, it's up to him to check for little notes from you periodically.

    There you, and meaningful.

  13. Wool or copper? That is kind of a downer in terms of exciting gifts.

    Maybe go get a couples massage? It isn't cheap but you both get to benefit.

  14. I say a wool sock full of pennies, because who ever gets that? Nobody, that's who!!

  15. Since seven is your big day you could do seven acts of kindness....give him a back massage one day, cook his favorite dinner another, make a special lunch the third, let him take a nap, get a sitter, do a chore he normally does, get the oil changed in his car......

  16. i have the feeling hubby isn't even going to GET the reason you would give him wool or copper. Does he know that wool and copper are for number 7? Does he know it's your 7th anniversary? Does he know it's your anniversary AT ALL! You could get away with being really cheap if you pretend to forget about it.

  17. My husband and I BOTH forgot our anniversary last year. It worked out really well for us.

  18. We've given up on the anniversary gift thing. We tend to buy a mutual gift of a season of a favourite tv show or something for the house...

    We're boring like that.

  19. There was an article in the Ensign a couple months ago about a "notebook card." About this guy that started a notebook for his wife, instead of giving her a card. He would just randomly write things to her throughout the years.

    I told Brian about this for Valentine's Day, and he started a private blog for us instead. Same concept, just on the computer. We can both get on it and write to each other at random.

  20. I had to this three times before I realized you wanted to get copper "pans," not copper "pants." I kept thinking, "Why in the world would she get him copper pants? And why would copper pants be more for her than for him?"

    So, have you considered copper pants?


  21. I'm laughing hard at Miriam's comment, because I had to re-read it a couple of times before I got it,too...I kept thinking...that doesn't sound comfortable at all...and how do you get them to fit just right.

    I'm laughing so hard...I can hardly see the screen from the tears.