March 20, 2009


Okay, one of the things that bugs me about Facebook is seeing who people are friends with.

I have a lot of "friends". I use the term loosely because I don't actually know everyone in the physical sense of seeing their face or hearing them speak. I know them through Bloglandia. Point is, they're not crazy, and if they at some point TURN crazy, I can un-friend/ban them.

(Do not be afraid of the UnFriend Feature. It is one of Facebook's truly redeeming qualities)

I DO NOT think you should be "friends" with people who are not actually your friends. I mean, sure, okay, be friends with random strangers....But being friends with people THAT I KNOW YOU HATE? Well, THAT just bugs the crap out of me.

For instance. Dear brother man, why is your stalker face ex girlfriend, who I so lovingly deemed "Scarface", ON YOUR FRIEND LIST. Also, why is she leaving you notes? And why does she leave them where I can read them? Does she not know there's a private message feature? Not that I think she should send you a private message. I don't think she should send you any message, at all, EVER... because while I may not know much, I do know this. She's a big ball of crazy and SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE.

Also, for instance, wedding planners gone awry should not be one's friend. Especially when said wedding planner did not, in fact, follow through with one's wedding plans. She might think you liked her work or something,when we clearly did not. (And by "we" I mean, myself, your mother, and two of your other sisters who got stuck "fixing" things... p.s. you weren't very happy with her either.)

Thirdly, anyone you made out with should probably not be your friend. Unless of course both parties agreed before hand that said "making out" was just for funsies and there were absolutely no feelings involved. This may be referred to as "NCMO", pronounced, "Nick-Moe", short for Non-Committal-Make-Out.

Fourthly, your husband's ex girlfriend. Sure, in the beginning it's kinda funny. But after awhile, it gets a bit uncomfortable because she thinks she knows all about your husband, but she knows all about the lusty 16 year old novice version, not the upgraded 30 year old professional version.

Fifthly, clients. I think this is pretty self explanatory. Unless of course, you have a business Facebook page, in which case, it should be clients and only clients because it's STRICTLY BUSINESS. (For the record, businesses don't tell me when they have a headache.)

Sixthly, your in-laws families. Don't even get me started.

Lastly, your mom. Now, if MY mom was on Facebook, I'd probably be her friend. Because we get along great. Plus, she's pretty much my best friend and knows everything about me anyways. That being said, she's not actually ON Facebook and if she ever were to be on it, I reserve the right to change my mind.

What do you hate most about Facebook?


  1. I hate that my husband is friends with his ex girlfriend, and that his ex girlfriend defriended me...even blocked me.

  2. That's funny, because my husband just tried friending his ex, but so far she's rejected him. Wah hah! (secretly I'm curious b/c I want to see pictures and make sure she isn't cuter than me.)

    And defriending people I don't really know on facebook was such a huge relief. And why is it people said me friend suggestions for people I've never been friends with? I mean, just because we went to the same high school, doesn't mean we ever acknowledged each other in the halls. (aka: apparently I wasn't cool enough then)

  3. Lauren, I think Ted should block the ex. You know his passwords, right? (That's one of the perks of being THE WIFE)

  4. No ex's. No in-laws family, I don't think. But I am friends with my mom and various other relatives. But I'm cool with that, for now.

  5. oh my word yesterday we had facebook drama because my husbands ex stalker girlfriend is trying to be friends with all of his friends and family- the sad thing is some have accepted! Facebook is bitter sweet. It's cool to get in touch with others but annoying when you can't keep up with all the quizes, surveys, charities, ect. I can barely keep up my blog!

  6. This was very funny! Loved it! I have seen the video before and I pretty much agreed with everything he said. I have to agree that the thing that bothers me most is when total stranger tries to friend me. I'm not talking about people I have meet in blogdania but people who I have no clue as to their identity. Not sure how that even happens or why since there are only five Heidi Ashworth's in the U.S.--it's not like they're confusing me with someone else. And it's always some creepy looking guy. Yuck!

  7. The invitations. NO, I don't want to get in a snowball fight with you, stupid!

  8. Hmm...I do have his password. Interesting...

  9. I'm a pretty novice facebook user truth be told but I hate that my husband accepts EVERYBODY as my friends on my account. So all of his friends and their wives and their friends are connected to me. I don't know half the people I'm connected to. I realize that's more of a marital issue than a facebook issue but it still drives me nuts.
    And I pretty much ignore anything that's sent me as far as fights or groups. Don't even look to see what it is sometimes.

  10. I can't stand the repeated friending attempts by people who I didn't hang with in high school, am not currently in touch with, and have no desire to reconnect with.

  11. Very good points! I am actually friends on facebook with one of my husband's ex-girlfriends, but that's only because she was my best friend in elementary school, and I figured out that they'd dated after she moved away. My hubby and I went to her wedding reception together. So, it's all good.

  12. I don't do Facebook, and I think this post just explained why. :D

  13. I am so with you on every single one of these. If you un-invite someone to be your friend, do they get a message letting them know? Or do they try to access you one day, and just realize they can't? Just curious...

  14. I just unfriended a woman who lived near me because we're not friends. She, apparently, did not like that and sent me an email wanting to know why I unfriended her. I told her, we weren't friends and I had cleaned house on FB.
    I don't see the point of being friends with people who you don't like off of FB.

  15. my ex-husband still has some of my cousins friended...and messages them sometimes to say hello. He totally hates me. It's awkward for everyone

  16. I don't like the honesty boxes and compare friends types of applications - those were just made to start shit and make ppl feel like crap!

    Maybe if I was a 13 yo I'd appreciate it, but not so much.

    My mom isn't my friend on facebook b/c she doesn't have it (my brother told her he wouldn't add her if she joined) - but she's my friend on myspace. And, my brother is still at home and only 20, so I don't have to worry about his family, although I'd happily add them too I think. I have the husband's family added as well.

    And, I do admit that I have a "friend" who I have called an asshole (to his face. recently). We aren't really friends but he added me. I don't actively hate him, I just think he's an asshole most of the time. :)

  17. Ah, the friend dilemma on Facebook--

    first, my daughter is the one who invited me to join--our whole family is on there and we use it to keep in touch a lot, because I live in AZ, one kid in CO, one in MD, and two in GA.

    second, if my ex ever tried to friend me, I wouldn't accept the invite. I haven't spoken to him in almost 20 years, why in hell would I want to see his face on FB?

    third, I AM friends with my son's ex, but only because I want pictures of my grand daughter, and if I didn't "friend" her, I wouldn't get them. it's political, I guess.

    fourth, I find it to be weird that my son's new wife is "friends" with his ex-wife, but that is really none of my business so I stay out of it.

  18. So, I belong to this message board, and there's this whiny baby woman on there who talks about how so and so from high school didn't friend her, or so and so from 15 years ago didn't friend her, etc.

    Really??? Why would I friend someone I didn't like or barely had any type of relationship with?

    And like you, I would say that 85% if my Friends are from blogland.

  19. And this, this is why I totally ignored when my ex, after a bad breakup and not seeing him in over 20 years, tried to FB friend me. Why, I mean seriously, why?

    I didn't know that you could defriend people, great feature.

    This should be the new "rules" of the Facebook era. Excellent points.

  20. I had to 'ignore' a friend request from my step sister...

    Aren't you proud of me? I was afraid not to 'accept' because that wouldn't be nice. Look at me...I'm not always nice.

    Who knew.

  21. I haven't even decided to friend my own husband yet.

    Not kidding.

  22. I LOVE that 25 things I hate about facebook video. Hilarious. And of course your post is spot on.

    An old boyfriend sent me a friend request and I sat and stared at the monitor for about a half hour, trying to figure out what to do. I friended him. Cause I'm a sucker.

  23. My issue is people who were in my graduating class at high school but who I never actually TALKED with, adding me as friends.