March 14, 2009

Doing the DC

The bonus of living in the Metropolitan DC area is that you ALWAYS have something to do when people come to visit.

DadGuy's parents are here with us right now, and we've spent the last two days walking up and down the National Mall. The shortlings have been surprisingly well behaved. We got tickets for the double decker tour buses because it's the best way to see everything in a short period of time. Seriously. They have awesome routes that have no less than 50 stops. It's the best ever. The only drawback is that your children's will want to sit up top the WHOLE TIME, even if it's cold and windy and drizzly. (Which wouldn't be a problem if their mother had dressed them in warm coats and gloves and scarves instead of hoodies... Bygones)

Now I'm trying to think of what else to do. What would YOU do if you had another day in Washington DC? What is on your must-see list? And we already saw Mr. Abraham so keep that suggestion to yourself.

The Bingham's at Arlington Cemetery
March 14, 2009


  1. I'm too Canadian to offer any advice, dang it.

    And I love offering advice...

  2. I would want to take a picture outside the White House.

    I'd also want to see the Washington Monument.

    I've never been to WaDC but want to. Maybe one day I'll come visit you and you can dress me in a hoodie and take me on a bus. I promise to behave!

  3. Are the cherry blossoms out yet? I always miss DC this time of year -- we lived there until about five years ago. This doesn't help for this trip, but let me recommend a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for your next group of houseguests (you need to get tickets in advance, possibly from your congressman, not sure) but it's one of the most fun tours in town... watching money get made is surprisingly compelling!

    Otherwise, how about the spy museum? A little bit pricey but lots of fun. Of course there are all of the Smithsonians, which I'm sure you've done ad nauseum. How about walking around Georgetown? Or going to Eastern Market? Arlington Cemetery? Old Town Alexandria? Ooh, Mount Vernon is great, too! Or hang it all and go shopping at Potomac Mills!

    Okay, now I'm missing DC, something which hasn't really happened that often since moving to Kansas!

  4. I always just want to go and see the fall color--it's all I can think of when I think of DC. Too bad that's gone--bygones! If I was really patriotic and educated I would have a better suggestion for you, I'm sure (the library of congress maybe?)

  5. It's been a while since I've been in DC, but I would definitely go back to the Holocaust museum and see parts of the Smithsonean.

  6. All the Smithsonians...the Holocaust Museum is heavy but amazing...
    and my husband and I are such history and politics nerds that we're planning a much delayed honeymoon to D.C.

  7. Love the photo!

    I am in Ottawa Canada - so, when I go to DC I like seeing the government buildings and museums - I liked the Washington Monument and also the Smithsonean.

    thanks for sharing!

  8. Is that the FDR monument? Because I LOVE that one. Already done the air and space and natural history? What about Mt. Vernon. Is Holocaust museum open after the renovation? FBI/Spy one is fun too.

    I lived in DC when I worked for Clinton and LOVED it. So much to do.

  9. Since I lived up there for seven years and schlepped family and other tourists around the whole time, I have some ideas:

    Mount Vernon
    National Zoo
    National Cathedral
    Georgetown (the area, not the university, although that is nice too)
    The National Portrait Gallery
    Ford's Theater
    The C&O Canal (but not in this weather)
    Old Town Alexandria

    Closer to you, there's Fredericksburg, which is SO CUTE. George Washington's boyhood home is there too, as well as other historical stuff.

  10. My daughter loved the spy museum. It was very interesting. Of course she adores Nancy Drew.

    Arlington Cemetary - changing of the guards. I am forever changed now.

    Harry's sandwich eaten with a stranger. Fantastic.

  11. Just pick a museum and go for it. I can't remember which one, but one of them has a huge train inside - like a life-size train. Of course, it was 1999 when I went, so things may have changed. But any museum is awesome!

    Ooh, have you done the Declaration of Independence, yet? That's pretty cool. Long lines, though.

  12. The Air and Space Museum is one of our favorites.

    Love the, "Bygones"...

  13. It's our dream to vacation there, but we haven't done it yet, so no ideas from me! Hope you're having a great time with the fam! :)

  14. The American History Museum just reopened--they have an amazing Lincoln exhibit (see his original top hat), you can see the original American flag that inspired the national anthem, they have a fun kids discovery zone and you can see other goodies: first ladies inaugural gowns, Kermit the Frog, Dorothy's Red Ruby Slippers.

    The new Newseum is supposed to be great--expensive but great. I haven't been since it reopened.

    We love the National Gallery of Art (best museum in D.C.!).

    If you're up for a road trip, the Baltimore Inner Harbor is fun and the aquarium is great (pricey, but fun for kids).

    We love Mt. Vernon--it's actually better on a cool day (don't go 4th of July!). They have a new visitor's center that's interactive and fun for kids.

    The zoo is also an option--not the best zoo, but I haven't been for a while. The pandas are fun. Best to go when it's cool.

    There are also free shows at the Kennedy Center everyday at 6 pm. Google "Millenium Stage." It's worth driving and paying the hefty parking fee, rather than trying to metro and then shuttle to the Kennedy Center.

    For a superauthentic DC experience, try Ben's Chili Bowl.

    Need more ideas? Give me a call!