August 5, 2010

I’m not a “pet person”

Of all the things we’ll take back with us from this vacation, the notion that we should be pet-owners is the worst.

You see, EVERYONE has pets.

Aunt Sarah has a dog.

So does Uncle Morgan.

Grandma and Grandpa Bingham have dogs.

And so does Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth.

And THEN to make matters even worse…

Lindy has a hamster or gerbil or something.

Busy Bee Lauren has a bunny AND a bird.

Jillian has a cat.

I mean, even our Aunt Berit at least has a BABY which is almost as good as a real pet.


In short:




Ergo, my kids think they should get one.

Sadly, I’m only willing to get fish.

And my kids say fish don’t count as REAL pets because:

“You can’t even DO anything with a fish!”

Of course, I said we could always eat them.

Poor little Bingham’s. They never win.


  1. I am not a pet person either. NOT AT ALL. So don't worry! Yor shortlings are not the only shortlings without a pet.

  2. we don't do pets at our house either! They smell. My kids will just have to get over it one day because I'm not giving in. I choose to have children...not pets.

  3. My kids are similarly afflicted by tragic no-pet-ness. It's a cruel, cruel world.

  4. Don't get a pet! We have a dog and sure he's cute and all, but my house is NEVER clean. Never. And pets are expensive. Trips to the vet are ridiculous. Poor shortlings. :)

  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw - oh well, to each his own!

  6. Oh, no! My 4 year old has recently started asking for a pet... I am not looking forward to the day when they all gang up on me!

  7. I am not a pet person, either. We've had 2 big gold retrievers for the last few years, but we've had to sell them since we're moving.

    I am only sad because all the boys are sad. Pets are like another child for a mom, but not as rewarding. Also, they can run away or die or bite or otherwise cause heartache that your kids could do without!

  8. So here is the real question....why are these kids not saying "Mommy, I want a pet to love, play with whenever I feel like it, pet it occasionally, and hold. YOU have to take care of it, walk it, change it, feed it, pay for it, stress because I DON"T take care of it, and occasionally have an argument with Daddy over having it in the first place because he said "I was right."?

  9. Well...the pet bugs worked out...until their guts came out all over your bed...

    ...and you already learned that scorpions don't make good pets...

    maybe a Zhu Zhu (sp?) pet would work.

  10. Nope. Zhu-Zhu pets are loud, obnoxious, and eat your hair.... says the woman who has had to give 2 short people, and herself, haircuts because of those stupid things.

  11. Definitely not a pet person either. I tell people I had kids. Nuff said.

  12. Anonymous8:46 PM

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  13. not a single pet in our house... fish we've done (Boooring, say the kids) and a lizard... (stinky, says the Mom)

    with 5 kids who needs MORE to clean up after?

  14. This post made me choke on my water. I love you. I'm getting my blog identity back and I am going back to reconnecting with my blog friends. This was perfect.

  15. Oh, YAY Heather! We've missed you!