April 27, 2010


I want ice cream.

I tell you this in the hopes that you are near enough to me that you will come to my house with ice cream in hand, sometime in the next 12 minutes, drop it off, and then LEAVE.

But since that's not going to happen, I'm going to have to try and talk DadGuy into making an ice cream run.

Which means that I should just forget about it right now.

You see, DadGuy and I have very different ice cream palettes... he has the nerve to like PEANUTS.

When I was a young lass and made my list of qualities that I wanted in a future husband, I seem to have left the part about where he agrees with me that peanuts are gross.

Has a truck? Check.

Makes me laugh? Check.

Thinks peanuts are disgusting? .......

Now I know that you're thinking either:
      A) Peanuts are NOT GROSS (in which case you would be mistaken) or
      B) You had a list?

To which I reply, DUH.


It is in my genes.

You think I mastered the art of color coding and chart making in just the last few years?

Perish the thought!

This is an art that has been acquired over DECADES of obsessive compulsive tendencies.

I have lists about lists, which would be funny, if it weren't all true.

But all this information is besides the point which is this: I need ice cream.

PS. Why don't I go get it, you ask? Because I already put on my pajamas, which means I am not wearing a bra. And as you all know, when the bra is off for the day, it does not go back on. The end.


  1. When the bra is off the day is done. Ha ha ha ha! I love it.

  2. You have lists about lists? Oh, so glad I'm not the only one. . .

  3. I would totally go get you some ice cream, but since you hate peanuts then i won't because every knows peanuts are delicious!

    and you are so right, when the bra is off...it stays off!

  4. totally true about the bra.
    note to self: do not bring peanuts on the trip to Utah. :) I, too, am a list maker.

  5. Peanuts are complicated.

    (Look! We agree!)

    I do not like whole peanuts or pieces of them in my sweets, they are an inferior nut.

    I like peanuts in savory dishes, like pad thai or kung pao. For some reason, they're better when they're in savory.

    Peanuts on a sundae? GROSS. Peanut butter in sweets? OK, usually, I need to be in the right mood.

  6. Caveats! I have caveats!

  7. I love you - the end. PS I also love peanuts.

  8. I just love you. I love how you inform us simply that if we like peanuts we would be mistaken.

    If I lived closer I would have brought you ice cream, no peanuts, and left as quickly and mysteriously as I came.

  9. DQ drive thru? Or McD's drive thru?

  10. DQ drive thru? Or McD's drive thru?

    Also: please note: I would DIE without peanuts. So every time you are thinking of how much you hate them, just keep in mind they are keeping your friend Heather alive.

  11. Peanuts can go to hell. Unless they are honey-roasted.

  12. I like peanuts but not in my desserts. It aint happening.

  13. I don't like peanuts either but I do like other kids of nuts, like cashews or walnuts...anyways &
    isn't a great feeling to take that horrible bra off?! Makes me want to do that right now but it's not even 5:30pm dangit!

    Miss you guys!

  14. Your bra logic is sound. Your peanut logic...not so much, dear lady. but to each his own. :)