October 22, 2009

Little Things That Mean the Most

Every afternoon, a bit before 3:30, we step out the door and head over to the bus stop to meet our most favorite kindergartener.

Every day, we pause to examine the neighbor's flowers. And their cat. And their holiday decorations. And that leaf right there. It just showed up and it simply MUST be the most beautiful and fall-iest leaf that ever there was.

Every day, we run and skip and even meander over to that coveted piece of grass.

We hold hands, making a human trail of Bingham's, and giggle our way across the street.

Every day, we go to that certain little spot that has the power and ability to make a big Big BIG bus STOP.

We climb the trees, and roll down the hills until we hear the rumbling of its engine.

We race to our spots, with smiles on our faces, and watch as the yellow school bus slowly turns the corner.

The driver brakes, and pulls open the doors.

The moment we spy him on the steps, it's a celebration.

We've been reunited with our long lost brother and we have to shout it to the world.


"He's Home!"

"We missed you!"

Every day, a little after 3:30, my babes are reunited.

And every day, I think it just doesn't get any better than this.


  1. Oh for cute! I LOVED the way you told the story...I can just picture a little trail of Bingham's....

  2. That is so cute! I am in love with your story telling abilities.

  3. I bet your Thaddeus absolutely loves to be greeted by his siblings and mom!

  4. Oh how lovely that they love each other like that!

  5. Best part of the day for sure is when my kiddos start proclaiming their delight of being reunited after eight long hours apart.

  6. I bet this is the best part of Thaddeus' day too, to see his own personal fan club come out to cheer his return. So sweet!

  7. Not lying...this made me cry.

    I love how you perfectly capture the beauty of life.

  8. What a sweet post! Thaddeus will always remember how he was greeted everyday coming home in the school bus.

  9. Aaaaaawwwww - what a sweet post:-)

  10. I great big puffy heart all of your comments. ♥